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  5. Can duolingo be put "on hold"?


Can duolingo be put "on hold"?

I am going to be traveling and not have access to technology for a couple of weeks. Can duolingo be put on hold?

October 4, 2017



"Streak Freeze" allows you to freeze your steak for one day, for 10 lingots. I'm not sure if they can be stacked since I haven't used it. But if you don't care about your streak, it doesn't matter how long you are gone for, your account will still be here when you get back. Your progress might go down a bit since you haven't touched it in a while, but it won't disappear.


not really there is streak freeze but that is only for a day.


As in keep your streak? No. You can freeze a streak for one day, but no longer.

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