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How to type German Umlaut on English keyboard?

Hello I am wondering how can we type German Umlaut on an English keyboard? Is there any way by which we can type German umlaut on an English keyboard , please help.


October 4, 2017



Armout's answer is good for Apple keyboards, I think, but if you're using a keyboard that doesn't have the option key but allows alt codes (NUM lock ON, hold down Alt key, type numbers on num pad, release alt key and symbols will appear), then the alt codes for the esset and umlauts are as follows:

ß: 225

Ä: 142

ä: 132

Ö: 153

ö: 148

Ü: 154

ü: 129


I tried it and it worked thanks:)


Thanks for the help


If you use windows, you can download the German keyboard... Mine is a Portuguese keyboard and I'm taking the German and Norwegian courses on Duo. Coincidentally both of 'em own 'special characters'. So I downloaded their respective keyboards, and now I can easily switch the languages pressing the windows key + spacebar. Then I don't need to use alt + several numbers in order to type ö ü ä or ø æ å. There's only one key so that I can write one of them... !


Thanks a lot:)


Hold down OPTION and push 's' to get ß. For the umlauted characters, hold down OPTION and push 'u'. Release OPTION, then type the desired base letter (a, o, u, A, O, or U). The umlaut will appear over the letter you typed.

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