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  5. "A child has a pink shirt"

"A child has a pink shirt"

Translation:Mtoto ana shati la pinki

October 4, 2017



rangi ya waridi - pink colour. Is it possible to use more original names instead of anglicisms ?


On google I got 140 hits for "shati la pinki" but only 59 for "shati la rangi ya waridi". Waridi is an Arabic word anyway (and so is rangi), so either way, you're going to end up at least one borrowed word.


i think you can just say "shati la waridi", no need for the rangi


I'm having a hard time knowing when to use the article with a color. Sometimes you need to say "_ of [the color]" and sometime just "_ [color]. Do some colors need the article and some not? I get it when we are saying "rangi ya ____." But when we just have the noun, I don't know when to use the article. (gari jeusi or gari la jeusi). Can someone please help?


only -eupe (white), -eusi (black), and -ekundu (red) are variable adjectives with a prefix, all the other colors need -a before. there's a list of colors here:


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