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  5. "Já toho psa nevidím."

" toho psa nevidím."

Translation:I cannot see the dog.

October 4, 2017



Hmmm... 'can' 'cannot' would need the usage of muze? Also based on the tips probably the correct translation will be 'I don't see the dog.'


I cannot or I do not see/hear/feel etc. mean the same thing in English. We do not know why but we know you cannot/do not. In Czech it is simple vidím-nevidím.

When you engage MOCI in Czech it starts having slightly different meaning and you would likely use "able to" in English. Já to nemůžu vidět = I am not able to look at it/watch it


When do I use "toho"? Wasn't that only for masculine animate words like kluk?


If you're talking about accusative case (sing.) of "ten", then yes, it only works for animate nouns — Mám toho psa. Nesnáším toho kluka. The inanimate masculine nouns (+ adjectives and pronouns) stay the same as nom. — Mám ten velký stůl.

But you need to remember that "toho" is also genetive case of "ten" (both animate and inanimate masculine nouns) and even "to" (neutral nouns).


I think there should be "that dog" instead of "the dog"


Both are valid translations.


Yes, and pes (dog) is a masculine animate noun, just like kluk.

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