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I'm not getting notifications for Discussions...

Hej! Recently, with the new forum update, I have not been able to get notifications for replies to my comments and discussions. Anyone else have this, or has anyone had this and fixed it? If so, how? Thanks for your answers!


October 4, 2017



I know that posts I have commented on have not been automatically followed. I also made a post that wasn't followed. This is definitely a bug. I don't know about responses. This should be pointed out in the report problem section as well.


I have that same issue as well


Could you reply to this comment? I want to see if I get a notification or not.

P.S. I'm also getting a lot of latency, sometimes the comments don't load, and votes don't seem to register.



There. I just replied :)


Yeah, I don't always get notified if somebody has replied to my discussion/comment.


Yes, I have this problem, but I didn't want to make a discussion about it because I thought I might be imagining :) This isn't the only problem, there are others I'm having, like the commits not loading correctly, and Discussions not following when I commit.


Also, the number beside the discussions to say how many commits are in it is, is acting weird.


Same! I didn't want to create a discussion either. But now that there is one I am so glad. I really dislike this update. 100% truthfully I have not found one of the new updates that was good.


The same thing is happening to me! I don't know how to fix it though... I'm just looking for an answer.


I you go to followed discussions it only shows a few and is acting weird.

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