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  5. "나비가 위험하지 않아요."

"나비가 위험하지 않아요."

Translation:The butterfly is not dangerous.

October 4, 2017



Tell that to Spongebob and Patrick


I came for this reference and was not disappointed.


Is it just me or does the word for "Butterfly" sound like "Navi" from Legend of Zelda


It's not just you!


jimin is mortally afraid of butterflies...so i disagree ( -///-)~♡


In my quest to more fully understand singular and plural nouns, I submitted 'Butterflies are not dangerous'. Initially, I would have done this to confirm it to be a wrong answer since butterflies is plural. But now after many tests, I really don't know what to expect. It accepted butterflies(plural) where as I thought you would need 들 on butterfly to get the plural effect. Meaning, to get 'Butterflies are not dangerous', I thought you would need to use 나비들 where as the plain word ,나비, I thought would only result in a singular noun sentence 'The butterfly is not dangerous'. Is it a mistake that 'Butterflies are not dangerous' is accepted? Or is there some kind of rule that I am not seeing that is making 나비 translate into the plural English form?


nabiya nabiya iri nara oneora


Poor jiminnie...


It is in Dark Souls


Some are poisonous, no?


How do I know to use "the butterfly" instead of "a butterfly"?


Since Korean doesn't utilize definite and indefinite articles, we don't know :( It's one of the biggest flaws of the Korean course right now, but I'm sure they're working hard on adding the additional translations.

I've found that it's best to use the definite article "the" in most cases until they're able to fix all of the sentence translations.


"은/는" are sort of the "a/an" in Korean.


Sometimes words just look like each other! Most of the time I read dangerous as dragons! Is as in! Eat ad meat! And so on ... because of this I get a wrong answer! Maybe because of spending too much time here


Tell that to Sangtae


Aug 2020 - This line reminds me of Sang Tae from It's Okay Not To Be Okay.

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