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What changes have been made?

Just wondering what changes duolingo has actually made to the forums, it's probably just me but I haven't actually noticed anything

October 4, 2017



They implemented a function which randomised voting tallies and reaction counts =)


I have no idea what they changed... As far as I can tell no new functionality, so probably new/different code which should speed things up and/or allow for future changes. Either way, the only thing I noticed are lots of glitches/issues but Duo posted the maintenance went "well" so apparently they're happy with it =)


If you comment on a discussion, it doesn't automatically follow the discussion like before.


Yeah I noticed that too, but is it on purpose or just another "glitch"? I hope it returns to the way it was because I'd rather unfollow a thread I'm not interested in anymore than have to follow all the ones I post in manually in order to see if people post reactions to my posts or give answers to questions I find interesting!


Yeah I was waiting to see what the update would do. . . My screen looks brighter - Wait, I think I just turned the brightness up.

...I can't see anything new here (but I would like to see the Activity page come back on Duolingo).



Me too! i really like the activity better than the discussion.


I know what changes they made, https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24712308 I don't think they intentionally did them though.


When you practice something, the setup has changed. People are saying they don't get notifications if someone commented. On followed discussions it only shows some, and people say their streak freezes aren't working.


Me either. That's weird :/


Just now when I posted my comment, it said the discussion was started. That was just a glitch though.

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