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  5. "Dívky jsou hezké."

"Dívky jsou hezké."

Translation:Girls are pretty.

October 4, 2017



I was marked incorrect for 'girls are nice' and the answer was given as 'girls are cute'. Why wasn't 'nice' accepted. 'Cute' was not included as a suggested translation. As an elderly Englishman I always understood that babies were cute not girls or boys.


In North America women say things are cute but men rarely do. Pretty works well but "good looking" is probably the most commonly used when beautiful is too strong of a description.


Hezky translation needs to be corrected for several of these units. "Cute" is a silly and limited translation.


Nice refers to being a kind or loving person. However in this context, 'hezké' refers to physical beauty. Therefore, pretty or cute are the correct answers.


As a side note, for example when someone compliments you or does a nice thing for someone, you could say 'Thats nice of you', which in Czech is 'To je od tebe hezké'. So it does not always refer to physical/visual beauty, the correct word heavily depends on context


I wrote "girls are nice" and was marked incorrect also, even though "nice" was given as a translation in the hover clue. (I will report this on the report option). Would be nice, (not cute, LOL) if a Czech and English speaker would clarify this issue for us.


The program gives "hezký" translation of "cute/pretty/handsome/nice and kind" but it seems to randomly chose which one fits which sentence. How am I supposed to know which word it wants in a specific sentence without cheating by tapping the words?


In most cases, where a word has several similar meanings, multiple meanings are accepted in the translations. But the "main" translation at the top of the page can contain only one.


hezký, hezká can be beautiful, pretty or handsome... to point "beautiful" as wrong and "pretty" as the only option is weird...


beautiful is stronger than pretty, krásný in Czech. Handsome is not normally used about women and when it is it usually means something more than just pretty.

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