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"We are reading that newspaper."

Translation:Wir lesen diese Zeitung.

October 4, 2017



Is duolingo trying to demonstrate the versatility of "diese" or is there a reason that diese means "that" in this case over "this"?


Just the versatility of dies- in spoken language. In (formal) written language, you could use jene instead of diese to specifically mean "that" rather than "this".


Jene was just rejected. I've suggested it be added as a correct answer.


I cant answer it from Duos pespective. The "that" translation would be "Wir lesen die Zeitung." and you will hear "Wir lesen die Zeitung" rarely, instead you will nearly always hear "Wir lesen diese Zeitung.". A realistic Scenario for hearing "Wir lesen die Zeitung" would be that youre pointing with your finger while saying this.


Is it “diese Zeitung“ beacuse Zeitung is feminine ?


yes, Zeitung is feminine noun, die Zeitung so dies- becomes diese. I think.


I agree with Kelly 212786. I was tempted to put 'das' into my answer as the question seemed to emphasize the 'that' instead of 'a' or 'the' newspaper'. I thought they were making a point here , meaning 'that newspaper there ' I looked to see what Duo was offering and saw it was 'die', so went with that even though, to my mind, they used the wrong word. It is soooo hard to know what they are thinking - sigh !!!!


I think you can say: Das ist die Zeitung, die wir lesen. But Zeitung is feminine so if you are using die der das, die is the appropriate choice. I'm pretty sure neither of you are confusing das with daß which means that but which is a conjunction and not an article. I agree it is hard to read the bird's mind but who wants a birdbrain.


Why is it not "jede Zeitung"?


In dieser oder jener Zeit, ist es jene Zeitung. Meine ich.


Wir lesen jene Zeitung - dies ist die korrekte Übersetzung


Why isn't "Wir lesen die Zeitung" one of the possible translations? Living in Germany, I rarely heard "jene" used (which is translated as "that"), and "diese" would normally mean "this." So I wrote "die" and it was marked wrong. But, as someone before me pointed out, if a speaker was pointing at the newspaper and said, "Wir lesen die Zeitung" that could mean "We're reading that newspaper." Maybe adding "da" at the end...?


Why is "wir lesen das Zeitung" wrong? I understand that "Das" is neuter when translated as "the", but "das" can also be translated as "That" also.

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