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"last person"

Translation:poslední člověk

October 4, 2017



I'm having trouble understanding hard vs. soft adjectives. No other language I've encountered has this. What determines whether it's hard or soft?

Why not posledna osoba?


As a quick and dirty trick, if the adjective ends in í in masculine, it is soft. Nominativ, singular.


That is a good trick im going to reccomend it to some freinds


Thank you for the trick to recognize it, but when and why would you use it as opposed to a hard adjective?


You probably know this by now, but for new users who might be wondering...

You don't really choose to use a hard or soft adjective.. When you learn a new adjective, you also learn whether it is hard or soft. When you use a particular adjective in a sentence, you use the correct endings for that adjective, depending on whether it follows the hard pattern or the soft pattern. More information is available at this handy site: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Czech_declension#Adjective.


Posledná osoba is slovak ;)


Im trying to get to a diffrent level like my father but im too slow at this.this is my first time using this app. Can anyone give me an suggestion on how to get faster at this


You may want to re-post your question to either the general English forum, or the general Czech-from-English forum. You'd probably have a wider audience there, than here in a sentence discussion.

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