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How do you get more fluent?

How do you get more fluent in Spanish, even though I finished every lesson in like a week... I am only like 44% through 46% Please give me ADVICE

October 4, 2017



Ignore Duolingo's Fluency metric.


Duolingo is usually wrong, I think I am actually like 4%


Please read in the Duolingo Help center "What does my Fluency Score mean?"
There it says "With Duolingo, you can achieve a fluency as high as 50-60%"
That's why your score in Duolingo is good!

However, keep in mind:

However, I think Duolingo's courses are excellent.
Just enjoy the courses and don't worry about Duolingo's fluency %.

Minor edit: 2017-10-05


You can review the previous lessons.


Remember what I said? Keep practicing. Try to redo 3 to 5 lessons per day. Fluency is not how much of the language you have learned. It is about how fluent you are.


You just have to do your best on the lessons and pass them. Then it raises your fluency accordingly.


You have to practice outside of Duo, just using it won't make you fluent. It's a helpful tool for sure, but you need to be doing things like listening to podcasts, reading books, writing and Skyping with native speakers, practicing vocab, watching telenovelas, etc. Try to do the things you'd usually do in your native language in Spanish as much as possible, that's how you truly achieve fluency. And you have to work at it every day. I though I sucked at languages, but it turns out I just wasn't great at classroom language learning. I've been teaching myself using those resources, as well as with the help of native speakers using italki, and now I'm learning so much faster! Buena suerte!


BTW, Duolingos fluency isnt really correct. I am russian and i took a placement test just for fun, and it put me at 50 percent fluent. I am very fluent in russian, so it was wrong.


and i love jesus too


That's great!! He is the center of my life and is helping me through a big loss of my Sister in law right now.


i speak english for the most part and spanish and i took an english fluency test for spanish speakers and scored like level 14 or some. you're russian?! Yay:):):)i <3 russia


Yes. I am fluent in russian. Its hard to type in russian with an english keyboard.

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