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  5. "I do not see that chicken."

"I do not see that chicken."

Translation:Tu slepici nevidím.

October 4, 2017



Proč ne "hen"? Chicken je snad kuře,ne?


Hen by bylo lepší, ne?


Protože se chicken používá takto zcela normálně.


V předchozí větě: "Ducks, hens and geese are birds." jste vysvětlovat, že nelze napsat kachny, kuřata..., protože slepice je samice, kuře mládě. Teď je to jedno. Nerozumím. Možná ve státech se to používá běžně, ale tady narazí.


Tohle je kurz češtiny, nemůžeme tady každému rozpitvávat do podrobností angličtinu. Otevřete si jakoukoli učebnici https://www.helpforenglish.cz/article/2006072301-animals-birds nebo kontaktujte svého učitele.


When you hover over the word 'that', 'to' does not show as an option.


it is there. The problem is there are some 45 hints for this word and the system only shows you 4 or 5 with the "main" translation being on top.


ok slepici is hen not chicken, or can it be both in some cases? My answer was "nevidim ta kura" would it made a difference if i put "to" instead of "ta"


"Nevidím TO KUŘE" is accepted.

Please do read the Tips & Notes when you begin a new Skill, as most of your questions may be answered before they're asked. While T&N are not yet available for all Skills, when they are available, they are quite good.


I keep hearing about Tips and Notes. Where are they? How do I look at them? I am sure they would be extremely helpful!!!


On the web (even mobile web) select a skill and click on the lightbulb.


Thank you! I can find this on the web, but it is unfortunately not available on my android duolingo app. Will that be added to the app any time soon?


Who knows, ask in the main forum (not main Czech forum, main Duolingo forum).


So if "nevidím to kuře" is accepted, would "nevidím to slepici" work?


tu slepici, it is feminine


Nevidim ta slepice was marked right for me but is that nominative?


I entered “slepice” instead of “slepici” and it was accepted with a note I made a typo, which I definitely didn’t and just used nominative instead of accusative, so maybe it shouldn’t be accepted. I reported it as well.


we do not control the typos. no amount of reporting can change that.


Sorry but this is clearly a mislead, it says chicken and kure is not accepted as an answer and it should, they should write hen if they want me to answer slepice


Please always read the existing discussion before posting. "Kuře" is also accepted. We have no current report for a rejected translation that uses it, so we can't tell you why your answer may not have been accepted.

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