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Looking of Friends

Hello, I'm izzy, an american student trying to learn spanish. I am pretty new here and i am looking for some friends. Sorry this seems really pathetic.

October 4, 2017



Wanna be my friend


You don't really need to look for friends. Just go practice some Spanish.


I will be your friend


i dont have any friends either


Your names perfect bestie...


Haha. Cool that your learning spanish! I am to and it is super cool, I feel so engaged and it is such a cool language to learn! Stick with it! And I'm sure you'll find plenty of friends.


P.S If you do Duolingo on your phone you just join a spanish club. I'm in one right now. You just request to be invited and you can have conversations and stuff. You can also have conversationd in Spanish with robots on your phone in the Duolingo app. It's in texting format and you type in a spanish reply. It really helps you build up your skill.

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