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Is It Important To Learn Another Language?

I have an answer of why learning another language is important but I want to see what you people, guys think. I'm sure you guys have great ideas.

October 4, 2017



Just google 'advantages of being bilingual' and so much comes up.


well, i'm learning another language because i'm taking french in school and a language course is usually required for a college. But it also lets you in on the culture of other people because when you learn a language, you're not just exploring grammar and spelling, you're learning about a whole other culture and people unfamiliar to your own.


Awesome! Have some lingots!


why thank you :D


It's probably less important than some knowledge but arguably more important than a lot of knowledge. As a Canadian I would say it's probably better that I master my French than spend my time learning about insects from South Africa (unless I want to specialize in such a thing and go to Africa!)


Even in monolingual settings, learning another language teaches one to understand one's own language.


Quite frankly, I get tired of certain subjects such as foreign languages, art, music, and so on being considered to be "unimportant." If you engage in them, it's considered frivolous or a "waste of time" by some.

Can you get by without a foreign language? Many people apparently can, but I think that learning another language enriches one's life and enhances one's sense of perspective. To me, that is important. Here's an excellent article with 25 reasons to learn another language:



it depends on how important communication is to you. I will not travel to places if i cant atleast say greetings please thank you and where is the bathroom. the least i can do if i want to appreciate a country i should also atleast show appreciation for its people because at the end of the day we are all just people :)

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