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What would you change about Duolingo?

I personally would want to have a tab where you can message friends on Duolingo, instead of making a discussion and hoping your friends will see it and talk to you. So then, you can privately talk to friends.

October 4, 2017



Native audio instead of awful text-to-speech


1000000% support. Some languages (especially the ones I'm interested in) would be impossible to implement into Duolingo without native audio.


Their choices of text colors in the lessons make the text hard to read because of the low contrast between text and background. For example, in the new web version, for correct answers the translations at the bottom are green text on green background. The default font for the translation is also small in that area. These combine to make the text hard to read, especially if the language uses accents.

It never ceases to amaze me that there are web designers who think that low contrast text is easy to read.


I sort of agree, but not on private discussions because those can turn bad very quickly.


i like the old version

[deactivated user]

    I agree. I wish that the activity stream would came back or they would add something similar.


    Yeah the activity thing was the best, now I can't see notifications if I have more than 5.


    Nothing. Every change made it worst.


    Well, you could change the fact that changing something makes it worse. ^^


    I agree we need more interaction between users – something like private messages or chats. Many people want to find language partners which is almost impossible now especially that we can't (or at least shouldn't) post our email addresses, fb accounts etc.

    Also it would be great to have more exercises in duo labs. And it's the matter of time, I believe. The stories are great, and I hope writing exercises will be next. Something like old livemocha used to have (to those who knew and used it when it existed)
    There are people who post their stories here in the forums so other users could read and correct them, but we lack any tools to do it faster and easier – our comments become unreadable or we have to deal with formatting codes.


    I wish I could export the list of "Words Learned" to an Excel file so I can print it off (including the English translation) for quick revision.



    That's what I would change/add


    The addition of sign language courses, like ASL, BSL, Auslan, etc. :D


    That might be hard for some people. I usually prefer demonstrational learning especially for sign language. But that would be fun! ^^


    More quality control i.e the mistakes should be corrected. I suspect the report button is just a gimmick, the mistakes are still there from years ago.


    There have been a few times when the audio didn't sound correct, I reported it and later, when I practiced it again, it still didn't sound right


    I agree: A tab like that would be great. But I also want a tab where you could talk with other people around the world. You could make a ''discussion'' on that tab asking for someone to talk with, or asking if anyone wanted help with a language, and you would get a notification when someone replied.


    I would like more things on the lingot store so it would become a duolingo super market!


    I think they should not do that thing where they release it on the phone and then leave it on 98% on the web for 2 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ years.


    I never got to try Duo's Immersion, but EVERYONE seemed to love it.


    Same here. I think I accidentally accessed Hindi Immersion at one point, but I thought it was for contributors and left it alone.


    the immersion was really good! but you had to be really fast because everything would be translated by the time I got to it, even if it was posted only like an hour ago!!


    "a tab where you can message friends on Duolingo, instead of making a discussion... ...so then, you can privately talk to friends."

    There used to be exactly that, the Activity stream. Sadly they had to delete it several months ago because it was causing strain on the site... I miss it.


    Wow, I didn't know there actually was something like that. I also wish it were still on


    Definitely a messaging feature of sorts, and something to help Vietnamese learners with tones. Something similar to the activity stream would be awesome too.


    Sometimes my notifications reminder doesn't work, like recently

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