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I need some ideas

I'm really really sorry if what I'm about to do is not related to this thread, but I really need some help.
First, let me introduce myself: Hi, I'm Leonardo, 23, from Brazil ;D.
Ok, now let's get to the point.
I'm having this opportunity of getting a "Stipendium" (scholarship in English?) to get to know Germany and study there for a period of a Month at some Goethe Institut (which one not yet specified). It is a opportunity that my home University is giving to all students of my course.
I gotta write a motivation letter and respond to the "Hauptfrage", which is: "What aspects of the German language and/or culture of the present day would you like to experience in Germany? how would you share this knowledge with your colleagues and classmates?"

So, there is where I need some ideas. I've already had some, but they are pretty cliché. I, as a person who's never been to Germany, have no idea of what cultural aspects I could do a research on. So, what are some interesting stuff I could do in Germany and that would catch the attention and interest of the guys who will be reading my motivation letter? Something relate to the "teacher profession" would be very nice.


October 4, 2017



Hi Leonardo,

I would turn it around. You have internet, right? Start with wikipedia. Get informations about Germany and when you find something write it on a paper. Get further informations about that. You will find out what is interessting for you. In the end you can answer the question honestly and that's the best.

good luck Angel


Maybe you could explore the topic of dialects versus "High German" and how Germans deal with their dialects in daily life or how this is handled in the media? I'm currently learning Norwegian and found this topic very interesting (Norwegians seem to be very comfortable speaking their regional dialects, it's awesome).

Also to get some more info about the German language and culture you could actually browse the website of the Goethe Institut (www.goethe.de), I'm sure you will find a lot of resources there.

I think it's wonderful that you have the chance to immerse yourself into the German language and culture for a month, I hope things go well for you and wish you an enjoyable stay!



If you have never been in Germany and have no idea what to write about except for clichés, be honest. Write about yourself, what you like and start there - the people reading your letter will probably catch on really quickly if you only repeat wikipedia stuff or write the same as everyone else.

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