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  5. "Angalieni matunda"

"Angalieni matunda"

Translation:Look at the fruit

October 5, 2017



why should it be - you all look at the fruit should it not accept - look at the fruit..


Duo needs to get rid of this "you all" thing. "Look at the fruit" is a perfectly good translation here. That is what would most likely be said in English, and it would be absolutely correct, no matter how many people were being addressed. When translating from English to Swahili, if the context makes it clear that multiple persons are being addressed, then fine, insist on an m- prefix or an -eni suffix as appropriate, to indicate the "plural you."


"fruit" is a perfectly acceptable English plural. It ought to be accepted.


Not technically plural but uncountable (eg. "fruit are" is incorrect) , but yes, equivalent in this sentence.


I've found the pattern. If it is plural (-ni or -eni) and you add "You all" in front you are marked wrong. If it is plural (-ni or -eni) and you DONT add "You all" in front, you are marked wrong. marked for correction. again. again.


@dsimonds says it all!


working toward eliminating it. Bothered me like no one's business when I first tried the course. We're still coming across sentences like these that haven't been corrected yet. Keep reporting! (and by that I mean start a discussion if you can, those are much easier to track than reports, which are upwards of 2000 per lesson at this point)

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