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Is there any way to sync two duolingo accounts???

Hello everyone! This account is not my first duolingo account.

On my first (serious) duolingo account, I finished the french tree, and reached level 14 in french, but on this new account, I'm only level eight, and I don't really want to have to redo the entire tree, I'd like to be able to strengthen all my skill rather than re learn them, because having to relearn them makes me not as interested in having french as a language....

Please help!! thank you everyone!!

October 5, 2017



You unfortunately cannot sync accounts, but you can test out of skills or checkpoints you know.


This is my Other account everyone!!

As you can see, level 14 in French!

I'd really like that to be transferred over to My current account!!1



Idk why my flag shows up as 13?

It should be 14, but then again, I haven't logged into this account since 2015 I think


It is level fourteen, but the level next to your name in discussions just hasn't updated yet.


Thank you!!! Do you by any chance know if I can transfer my french data to this account??? 6000 xp is a lot


Sorry for the very late reply! I have not been receiving bell notifications. As far as I know, there is no way to transfer data from one account to the next.


On the Duolingo app, you can tap the yellow buttons in the lessons tab and if you do good, it will give you xp and it will count all of the skills above as finished.

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