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  5. "여자아이가 개를 길에서 도와요."

"여자아이가 개를 길에서 도와요."

Translation:The girl helps a dog in the street.

October 5, 2017



Why not "the girl helps the dog on a street?"


That sounds weird to me. "in the street" is used when the location is the street, no?


I can tell you why but I feel that using in the street feels unnatural. I would personally use on the street.


From my research both ("in the street" and "on the street") is correct when refering to a location on top of the road. Some native speakers use "in" and some use "on" depending on their region.

Some even use both. For example "on the street" when they talk about being either on the road or next to the road and "in the street" when they talk about experiencing the traffic.

However "living on the street" can also mean that you are homeless and "living in the street" can also mean that you are literally surrounded by asphalt cement. Context might matter. ;)


God bless this girl


Could 'a girl helps a dog from the street' also work here? As in she moves the dog off (from) the street. If not why?


So using "road" instead of "street" is wrong here? What's the word for "road".


hiiiii.. why is it "girl" not "woman"? my first attempt was woman so when the result is girl i was surprise a bit... thank u :)


Woman would just be 여자. The sentence said 여자아이, which is girl


Is there any difference between "in the street" and "on the street"?


A and the should be interchangeable in this sentence. Just submitted it


On the street does not have the same connotation as in the street. On the street is vague, could be in the middle of the road or on the sidewalk, but in the street means in the middle of the road or in the way (of cars). And because its 에서, i think "in" is more appropriate than "on"


in the steet.. not in a street

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