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IB Bilingual Diploma

I am an IB student in highschool and I'm taking three HL courses. Unfortunately, none of my four courses are in the language that im taking in the moment. My history teacher mention the bilingual diploma and I was interested. I sort of did my research and found out that I can achieve it through getting a 6 or 5 on a IB course that is a second language or do entire exam in a different subject that in a language over than English. So, I was wondering if anyone fully understands this or has done this before. -----BONUS: If anyone has any links for history or political vocab that is in French would be most appreciated!

October 5, 2017



I graduated from the IB program but I don't know anything about the bilingual diploma. I would suggest that you discuss this with the IB program director at your school. A lot of IB schools have their own restrictions on what they'll allow their students to test in. Also, schools send IBO the information for every student and each exam that you plan to take months ahead of time, so it would be best to ask your program director about this as soon as possible.


If you go down that route, I may try reading history-based books with French. Also, I am unaware of the test details, but if it is based of just comprehension and writing, that could make doing the test easier; IE, talking and listening wouldn't need to be emphasized more to focus on the skills relevant for the test. Though that would not help you learn the language, but is an idea.


These forums are filled with Duolingo users, who know about Duolingo, and about languages. There are probably better places to ask about the IB program. Your school should know about this, and they should be able to advise you. If not, there are forums about the I.B..

...but having said all of that, Google is your friend: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=IB+Bilingual+Diploma

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