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Guidance for A2 level Examination

Hi, I am a 14 year old student who currently resides in India. However i will be migrating to USA soon. I have already passed the A1 level examination however i am unable to find what all topics i have to cover for the A2 level examination. Also i have been told that this is a requirement for university admissions with German as my foreign language. Can someone please help and provide a bit more clarity? Also has anyone who has finished A2 level exam practiced for this exam online and using what resources?

Thanks Khushleen

October 5, 2017



Hi Khushleen! Check out the website of the Goethe Institut, they offer a lot of information about the German language and I've also seen info about the reference levels (A1-C2). www.goethe.de (you can set the website's language to English if you don't feel comfortable enough yet to browse in German.) Good luck! :-)



Take the mock tests in dw.com and Goethe, they also have a lot of resources. You can also check youtube German with Jenny. There are a lot of resources online.

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