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  5. "What do your goats eat?"

"What do your goats eat?"

Translation:Co žerou tvé kozy?

October 5, 2017



Hi, im sure this is covered on the tips and notes but i cant find those so here goes: what are the differences between: Tvoji and tvé, and all the other states of "yours"?


Can tvoje/tvé be used interchangeably here?


I have the same words but in a different order. If word order is not important in Czech can someone explain where I went wrong please? co vaše kozy žerou


The word order is important. If you change it, you change the meaning of the whole sentence. It can be an irrelevant change, but it can also change the context in which the sentence could be used. You basically emphasise different words. That is the reason why there are multiple word orders possible. Your sentence and the main translation above are both correct. Feel free to report such sentences the next time. :-)


I'm wondering what is wrong with "Co žerou kozy tvé?" Could someone explain this to me?


The possessives generally belong in front of the noun. The same way as in English.


Thank you very much!


Is tvé kozy Accusative here? And if so, is it because of žerou?


yes, the direct object of žrát is in accusative

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