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  5. "Kde vidíte toho psa?"

"Kde vidíte toho psa?"

Translation:Where do you see the dog?

October 5, 2017



Wouldn't be pes for singular? It gives me psa as dog...singular..


Pes is object in this sentence. So, "psa" is accusative!


I translated as 'Where can you see the dog?' But it said wrong.


[Oct. 23, 2017] Still the same result. In another thread, they said using can as do in the English translation is accepted. Will report.

Link to referred comment thread: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24711945


I really hope the male voice gets some sort of rework soon because I keep hearing "Nevidíte toho psa" instead of the correct "Kde vidíte toho psa" when it's the male voice


You're right, the male voice really sounds a lot like "Nevidíte..."

I've disabled it for this exercise but not sure if it even does anything.


But if I say: "Kde vidíte psa?", this sentence without toho should be correct?


That is a correct Czech sentence. Normally it means "Where do you see A dog?" though.


Does psa means a female dog?


psa is the accusative case of pes

A female dog is fena or čuba.


Shouldn't "where do you see this dog?" be accepted. Can't be "toho" both "the" and "this"?


this - tohoto, tohohle


Why is it not "Where can you see the dog?" if "Já toho psa nevidím." is "I cannot see the dog."?


You should ask why English makes no difference between "see" and "can see" in most situations. In Czech and other languages, that difference is clearly marked (actual seeing vs. the ability to see).


You make a good point.

As a native AmE speaker, I never considered this peculiarity of English until I started taking this course. I was mystified when I started to see explanations in the SDs that were along the lines of, "Well, in English you can say either 'I see the dog' or 'I can see the dog,' and mean the same thing."

And then I started thinking about it, and reading further explanations of why going from English to Czech the verb usage changes and sticking some form of moct in there often isn't the way to go... et voilá, on came the light bulb.

I am now reconciled to the reality, and wish other learners a faster, less-mystifying journey into this weird new realm!


Where see you the dog


No, that is incorrect in English; you need "where DO you see."


Instead of them marking it as a "mistake", I think they should accept it as "correct" and simply point that "the" is the equivalent of "toho".


Accept WHAT as correct? It's not obvious what you're referring to.

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