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  5. "Jací jsou?"

"Jací jsou?"

Translation:What are they like?

October 5, 2017



Why can't "How are they" be a valid answer? "How are they" is identical to "what are they like" in english...


"How are they?" to a native English speaker usually means How are they doing, ie how's their well-being. "What are they like" is more a question about their personality.


This questions is about permanent traits. They may be strong, good (people) or wicked. How are they? asks about them now. They may be good (fine), well (healthy), sad or sick.


I believe it should be accepted as well, it isn't just used for the current state but also for permanent traits depending on the context. Eg, If you move to a new school, your friends may inquire about your new classmates by using "How are they?" meaning the same thing as "What're they like?"


Indeed, "How are they" is frequently used to inquire about enduring qualities, at least in American English. E.g. "You have new shoes! How are they?" or "You've used this delivery service. How are they?"


No. It's not the same thing. 'What are they like?' Is a full thought than can be answered.

'How are they' is really 'how are they...' and the receiver must then fill in the rest with context. So your example is something like 'How are they [as far as their acceptance of new students]?' Or something like that.


Yes and no. It normally means how are they doing. Some (mostly british) use this to mean what are they like but it's a very common mistake for people to make in english as a 2nd language to say this and mean, what are they like.

Using how are they in the way you mean really is just an imcomplete thought. It's more like 'How are they...[to be around?/as far as ability?/etc'.

You could argue this but it would introduce a lot of confusion if they accepted that.


Can it also mean: What kind are they? If not, how do you say that?


Jakého druhu jsou.


Jaký druh jsou.


Jaký je to druh.

and probably more options but they would most likely all contain DRUH = KIND


How would you say "How are they?" meaning "Are they well", "Have they recovered from flu" etc.


Common expressions to say “how are you (doing)” are jak se máš / máte, so I would assume you could translate your sentence by jak se mají.

Literally that means “how are they having themselves.”


I think there's an understood 'to' in there. So it's like, how is it going for you. Jak se [to] maš


Because it's palatalization (is it correct word in english??).,in nominative/vocative plural in front of -í there are changes: r--ř, k--c, h--z, ch--š,d--d´, t--t´, n--nˇ.,


Because it's plural.


I do hear jaký jsou all the time though. What gives?


Thanks! Technically, su z Moravé so Common Czech is not so common here, but I get the idea.

I appreciate your taking the time to answer all these questions, btw!


thanks. was also wondering about 'jací' and why I hadn't come across it before!

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