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"Od kolika lidí jsou ty dopisy?"

Translation:From how many people are those letters?

October 5, 2017



"From how many people are those letters?"

This is another very odd sounding sentence, I think it would be written more appropriately along the lines of "How many people wrote/sent those letters?".


The answer shown above is grammatically correct, but it does sound odd in what I'd call everyday English. And so... "How many people are the letters from?" and "How many people are those letters from?" are also accepted. Your suggested alternative is not a translation of the Czech sentence in this exercise.


"The letters are from how many people? should also be correct


I wrote "those letters are from how many people " and it was not accepted but I believe it should have been.


To my AmE ear, "Those letters are from how many people?" suggests an element of surprise -- as if, for example someone has a huge pile of letters that, it turns out, where written by only two people. So I can see it as acceptable on the English side, but I would leave it to the CZ natives on the team to decide if it's true enough to the Czech sentence to be added.


When using the selection option, the answer that is given by the choices is extremely weird for English. I dare say, it doesn't even make sense. Maybe if you add a comma between people and are, it might be easier to understand. But, as it is, if you said that sentence to me, I wouldn't understand it. The 'from' needs to come at the end of the sentence. The one caveat is if you speak Yoda. I would recommend changing the option when selecting the words to something like, how many people are those letter from. Another possibility, and maybe easier sounding would be, those letters are from how many people.


Why is it kolika?


The OD preposition requires the genitive case.


Does it mean that adverbs may decline in Czech? I tried to find the declension table for "kolik", but I couldn't.


You can see the minimal declension of kolik at the Czech Wiktionary site linked below. The English version of Wiktionary doesn't seem to show it. https://cs.wiktionary.org/wiki/kolik


I was extremelly surprised with the proposed translation. The majority of textbooks would tell that 'from' as a first word in questionative sentences should be avoided. 'How many people are those letters from?' should be treated as acceptable and even more literally correct form


And it is, indeed, accepted.

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