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Last practised list is wrong

I practised some words on my "last practised" list in the Vocabulary section today, yet they are shown as last practised weeks ago. Thanks for fixing this.

March 13, 2013



Your last practiced list is accurate, but I admit without the following piece of information you might not know how it is sorted. We group words with the same roots together (even if it means you practiced one of the words 1 week ago or 6 hrs ago - like in your case). Take a look through the list, and you'll see that pattern. Let me know if you have any other questions about the vocab list or anything else on Duolingo.


I think I'm having a similar problem. For example, it says I last practised the word Hund (dog) three years ago, even though I've gone through the animals in the last few weeks since I've started up again. It does say I did Hunde (dogs) three days ago, so it isn't about root words or anything.

I'd appreciate any help you can give. :-)

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