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"Everything is very different."

Translation:Todo es muy distinto.

March 13, 2013



Why not "Todo esta muy diferente"?

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I agree. The fact that it is different suggests that it is not a normal condition and would have thought estar more appropriate than ser.


Es mucha diferencia entre "distinto" y "diferente" en este contexto?


In this context I would use diferente, because of the "muy".

Let me give you an example. You're talking about the cars from Alice and Bob with Charlie.

You believe Bob has just bought a car, the same model as Alice, but some variations:

  • Creo que no es exactamente el mismo coche, son un poco distintos porque el de Bob es rojo y tiene tracción total

(I believe it's not exactly the same car, they are a bit different because Bob's red and sports 4WD)

Your friend is convinced it's even another maker, so he may say

  • No, no, es un coche totalmente diferente

Here, distitnto is used as it's not the same, but close, there are some differences although overall similar, whilst diferente is used to say "completely another thing"


Creo que nada


How would i change this sentence if i wanted to incorporate TODOS? The above menu says "todo" means "everything", which to me denotes plurality. Is there a singular todo(everything) and a plural todo(everything)? Thank you


i would also add verb agreement. i wrote "todos son..." and got it wrong. can someone tell me why? muchas gracias.


I also wrote "todos son..." In an earlier exercise today my translation of "everybody is here today, "todo esta aqui hoy," was marked wrong. The correct transaltion was "todos estan aqui hoy." I would translate the latter as "all are here today." "Todos son...," "everything is," (?) seems consistent with "todos estan," everybody is." Where am I wrong?


Are you, TAC, an English speaker? Everything may well imply plurality (every single thing sure is a lot of things) but grammatically in English is SINGULAR and takes "is" , doesn't it? Similarly in Spanish. You can use todos as a plural adjective. All men - todos hombres


why is distintos wrong? Isn't todos , everything plural?


If you use "todos" then yes it must be "distintos" and you must use "son". The answer I see, however, uses "todo" and so everything must be singular.


oops!!!!!! I must learn to pay better attention to each word!!


"todos son muy diferentes " , why is this wrong ?

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