I am not sure whether or not I should keep learning new french lessons right now, because I have had a bit of trouble with old ones. Thoughts? I don't know if it would be helpful to keep going when I am not grasping old concepts.

October 5, 2017


If you're having trouble keeping up, you should strengthen your old skills instead of learning new ones.

I've personally stopped advancing in my Spanish tree because I'm not remembering the vocabulary. Currently I'm just strengthening my skills, and making flashcards for words or phrases I can't remember.

Maybe you could try this for a week or two to get caught up before continuing in your lessons? c:

Progress whenever you feel ready. Some like to push through and then revise, others keep the tree gold and progress more slowly. Everyone has a different learning style.

I'm personally very slow with my trees and can't imagine finishing trees as early as some people (French at level 12 is an exception because I have previous knowledge), I like to be sure with a lesson, know the vocabulary and keep my tree completely gold, I only want to look up new words during the new lessons.

So do, what feels right for you.

Hello, you should not continue if you feel you're struggling with old lessons that need to be reviewed until you grasp them. Knowing a lot of concepts while you don't understand 2/3 of them is not really useful I think.

There's no time limit, so just go back and review as much as you need to. I go over and over the same lessons until I feel like they're sinking in before I add a little more. It's not a race, and everyone does it at different speeds. :)

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