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  5. "How old are you?"

"How old are you?"

Translation:Quantos anos você tem?

March 13, 2013



And is it wrong to say "Quantos anos tem voce?" The answer only gives "Quantos anos voce tem?"


Not wrong, but not so usual, though


I see, for more carification, would it be like if you asked one little kid their age and then you ask the kid standing next to them, "E quantos anos tem você?" . . . something like that?


maybe, but it is still more common ''quantos anos você tem?''.


I wrote "Você tem quantos anos?" (not accepted). I see that the order of words does look worse than in the correct version but I would like to know if the interrogative pronoun has to be in the first position or would it be possible to say it like I did?


Definitely! I lived in Brazil for years and more often than not, this is how I was asked me age!


Isn't it sufficient to say 'Quantos anos tem?' Is it really necessary to say include 'voce' in the sentence?


Most of time we use você when we ask for the age.


I have been learnt "Que idade você tem?". Is that more common?


I think you'd be understood, but when I lived in Brazil, I usually heard "quantos anos" to ask my age.


Quantos anos tens? Isn't "tem" or "têm" the conjugation for "you"?


This program is not used with the conjugations for tu. =)


I thought so too... I actually would have got it wrong anyway, because I misspelled the word Quantos, but when the correction appeared, it said "Quantos anos tens?" ... Unless I also misspelled tem and I was the one who wrote tens and thought it was the correction, but that would have been a huge coincidence... anyway... so tens is the conjugation for "tu", although tu is not usually used, as I understand, right?


Yes, that's it =) you got it fast =)


I think they put in the conjugations of tu because it is widely used in Portugal. Saying 'quantos anos tens' is wrong is like saying 'gotten' is an incorrect conjugation of get, even though everyone in the US uses it.


I put "quantos anos tem," and they counted it wrong, and then they SPECIFICALLY said that "quantos anos tens' was the right answer and that 'tem' was the 'ele/ela' form of the verb and that 'tens' was the 'você' form. But here on this page, it DOES say "quantos anos você tem." Is it because I forgot to explicitly put 'você'? ❤❤❤!? lol.


We've all had Duolingo do this to us. Just remember that you are a better speaker/reader now.


Quantos anos tem? = How many years ago?


In regions using the (original) second person singular (tens), the pronoun (tu) can be safely dropped as it is the only possible subject for this conjugation. On the other hand the third person singular (tem) is used both impersonally and with several pronouns (você, ele, ela, a gente), so it's always safer to explicitly use a pronoun if there is no context.

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