"Le cose non stanno come dicono certe persone."

Translation:Things are not how certain people say they are.

March 13, 2013



Can you use "Sono" instead of "Stanno" here?

April 19, 2013


to finally answer this question: I don't know

May 12, 2018


Odd sentence.

March 28, 2014


Regardless how silly this may sound, could this be the translation: "the things do not fit as certain people say"?

February 13, 2014


I keep on hearing "sanno". Is that the way it's pronounced, or am I mis-hearing it?

February 16, 2014


I heard it as 'fanno' instead of 'stanno' and was marked wrong. Would it make sense with 'fanno' or not?

March 26, 2014


I too heard Fanno

November 8, 2014


I marked this as non-English. I guess it means things are not as certain as people say they are. Thanks Marziotta (below). So it means things are not as certain people say they are.

March 13, 2013


It's different, to be honest.

In Italian "certe persone" could be "certain/some persons".

"Things are not as some people say" would be a more or less literal translation, I don't know how much valid.

March 13, 2013


Peter, if you edit your comment I don't see you added something and usually don't open the thread.

I personally think people would understand better a normal flow of question and answer, but probably I am wrong, I am not the one studying Italian. :)

March 14, 2013


No I think you are right. But I want to avoid putting in replies that just say "thanks" because that clutters threads. You can mark up a comment but I don't know if the commenter is told when the mark up has been done

March 14, 2013


@peter: if you find a contribution useful, it's a good idea to upvote it in any case so that it rises in the list and becomes more visible to other learners.

March 14, 2013


Oh... I just learned that trick from you!!!! Thank you!!!

May 4, 2013


Ok... if you look for an answer open a new comment, or I won't probably reply. ;)

(Sorry to bother.) :)

March 14, 2013


should "The things don't match how certain people say" be accepted?

November 30, 2013


No, that's not good English.

May 25, 2014


Be afraid!! Or be happy!!

July 2, 2014


I heard sanno the whole time.

August 29, 2014


All these "certain people" questions seem really passive aggressive.

January 5, 2019
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