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  5. "I see my uncle."

"I see my uncle."

Translation:Ich sehe meinen Onkel.

October 5, 2017



So I guess this correctly, but I don't understand why mein is modified into meinen in this case?


It always depends on the grammatical case:

  • Nominativ : Mein Onkel sieht mich - My uncle sees me.
  • Genetiv: Ich sehe das Auto meines Onkels - I see my uncle's car
  • Dativ: Ich sehe meinem Onkel in die Augen - I look my uncle in the eyes
  • Akkusativ: Ich sehe meinen Onkel - I see my uncle


The uncle is the direct object of the sentence, hence in accusative case. The possessive pronoun needs to agree with said case.


You would translate "I am seeing my uncle" the same way wouldn't you? Is there the same implication of a relationship in German that there is in English?


Yes, it translates to both "I see...." and "I am seeing...." Also "Onkel" means the exact same thing as "uncle": the brothers of your mother and father and the husbands of your mother and father's sisters.


Why is "Ich sehe euren Onkel" wrong? I dont have the english translation just 3 different sentences wir euren eureren und meinen.


That's "I see your uncle", said to a group of people.

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