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Japanese Learning Resources: ひろがる Hirogaru

久しぶり。I'd like to introduce a website that I use every day to practice my Japanese reading skills (mostly), and learn new vocabulary in an immersive way.

The website is called Hirogaru, and what it is is basically a website that offers a variety of things to learn about. The thing is that it's all written in Japanese. There's an English option, but I feel like that takes out some of the practice. You can choose to learn about anything from the stars to music, anime, and calligraphy, not to mention several other topics.

There is the option to toggle ふりがな, as in the hiragana you'll see above the kanji that shows you how it is pronounced. This is extremely helpful if you'd like to look up a word in a dictionary to get it's meaning.

It's worth nothing that this resource is probably aimed at intermediate or maybe even upper beginner Japanese learners. The grammar can be complex and most of the vocabulary in the lessons isn't something that is taught in the Duolingo course. But if you're looking for a good resource to practice reading, I highly recommend this website.

October 5, 2017





I'd like to give some credits to OP this was posted two years ago and it's too bad that most learners are not going to read this thread... Thank you


I like it. Thanks!

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