"I do not like eggs."

Translation:Nemám rád vajíčka.

October 5, 2017

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Is there any difference between: "Nemám rád vejce." and "Nemám rád vajíčka"?


Vejce?, When do you learn that?


Can someone explain the endings on rád to me? I can't find anywhere in the notes an explanation of when I use rád vs ráda. I found this link online https://docs.google.com/document/d/12l8APIYqf7Aqi-gLAvgyvWFn7oOss7Dh8RalJuz02bw/edit but that would seem to imply that this situation should be rádi because vajíčka is plural, so I'm still confused.


The form or rád/ráda... is not dependent on the thing you like but on the subject that likes it. It is always (in proper Czech) connected to word TO HAVE - MÍT.


Já mám rád (i am a male)

Já mám ráda (i am a female)

Já mám rádo (i am a child)

Ty máš rád (you, a male, like something)

Ty máš ráda (you a female like something)

And so on

in Plural it can be RÁDI (we males), RÁDY (we females), RÁDA (we, kids).

it does not matter what you like. What is a gender of what you like or how many of it there is.


Ah! I understand now. Thank you very much.


I hear "nemám kah" Is that the right pronunciation?


no, not at all

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