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Website vs. Android App: App seems to know what needs to be tested on better

I have noticed something about my use of the website compared to the Android app: The app seems to have a better handle on words I need to be tested on when it comes to strengthening a completed skill back to go gold.

More consistently, the Android app will test on those skills and words that need to be strengthened.

I have had many times using the website where I will do three general strengthen lessons (letting the system choose), getting no wrong answers, and see skill levels unchanged.

I have never seen this happen with the Android app.

Since both are accessing the same information, I find this to be odd behavior.

October 5, 2017



Yeah, I've noticed that recently too. Sometimes I go to the words tab on the website to know which words should be practiced, and practice the skills they're in (still on the website) until they appear and the search for them is usually 5 to 8 times practicing. On Android they appear either during the first attempt or the second, along with other words I had seriously forgotten about...


I noticed that too.

And while I dislike the tapping style except if I really don't have the time. I like that there are words from different lessons in a general strengthen exercise. It's a bit broader and not so focused on one skill at a time.

At the moment it seems so pointless on the web, it's no different then looking for the lowest skill that's not gold. Instead of randomly picking from the problem skills (that's what I'd wish a "general" strengthen would do). I don't want an equivalent exercise on the web, just random sentences with words I don't know, no matter what lesson.

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