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  5. "하양과 검정은 색깔입니다."

"하양과 검정은 색깔입니다."

Translation:White and black are colors.

October 5, 2017



Lol what are you talking about? Yes they are.


Intuitively speaking, black is an absence of light and, therefore, absence of color. White is the presence of light—all wavelengths, and so does not refer to a specific wavelength or color.


Unless youre talking about printing. Then white is the absense of color. Lol


Color is the perception of light, it is not light itself. Black is the color of the perception of the absence of light. So it is a color


They're neutral shades in pigment. In light they are total reflection or absorbtion.


Grabe ang tatalino nung mga nagreply sa comment mo

Nag aral ng science ng napakabuti pinag discussionan pa nila yung colors of light


What are the various of ways of saying black? 검은색? 검정?


검은색 is when like the color is black and 검정 is like an adjective


You can also say 까만색. 흑 works as well, but it's based on the Chinese character. It's also used for the race 'black' - 흑인. Not to be confused with 흙, which means 'soil'.


So in English, we usually say "black and white", which for example refers to the old colorless films and photos. Are black and white usually said in the order "white and black" in Korean?


Black and white are colors depending on which color theory you follow. One is by famous German physicist Manfred Richter: The German term for it is "unbunt" bzw. "Unbunte Farben". Which literally translates to "Non-colorful colors". He argues that if the only difference between a strong brown and a light orange is the amount of black/white in there, then can't the same be said about two greys? Pushing that to the extreme makes black and white colors just like any other form of grey IN THAT THEORY. Please not that other theories say different things and there's rarely a right or wrong, just a different way of calling/describing things.


I thought white was 하얀, how come it's 하양 in this sentence?


Apparently they are shades not colours.


About black no comments, but white definitely isn't a color. Not like it matters, though.


Blecc wool and white wool


EXcUSE mE, bUT BlAcK iS My FavOriTe cOlOr, aNd yOu aLL cAnT jUdGe:-P


If you can't see black or white you're not color blind but just blind..

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