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"Když jsem byla mladá, jezdila jsem do Prahy každý týden."

Translation:When I was young, I would go to Prague every week.

October 5, 2017



Tento překlad se nedá použít? When I was young, I used to go to Prague every week ? A věta z překladu: I would go.... to je nějaká speciální gramatická vazba? Jak se to používá?


Anything wrong with "when i was young, i was going to prague every week"?


Again this is only a native (US) speaker's ear, but it sounds a bit unusual - implies that you went but maybe didn't arrive...


Just to a native speaker ear, "would go every week" and "went every week" sound about the same, though as the link suggests using "would" for repeated actions in the past is common. The Czech obviously is not in conditional, which should be would/could/should in English. There must be a specific grammar rule in English but we don't really learn grammar formally anymore.


I think the translated sentence does not make much sense. It started in the past, and then use a conditional - I think the past (went to Prague, used to go to Prague) should be used instead.


Are you a native English speaker? AFAIK it does make sense.


I thought in this case the sentence should start "When I were young" ...

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