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  5. "Teachers like teaching."

"Teachers like teaching."

Translation:선생님들이 가르치는 것을 좋아해.

October 5, 2017



how do you know when to use 것 -이, -을, -는?


것 here is a noun, and means "thing."

이/가 is a subject marker, 을/를 is an object marker, and 은/는 is a topic marker

So, because the teacher is doing the action, we put the subject marker on teacher. Since the 것 is receiving the action, we put the object marker on it.

The literal translation is:

Teachers like the thing that teaches.

But, in English, this "something that" grammar can be converted into an "-ing" noun. For instance:

가르치는 것, the thing that teaches OR teaching

수영하는 것, the thing that swims OR swimming

적는 것, the thing that writes OR writing


“Do what you like; like what you do.”


어디서 반말을

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