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Level Question

What level should I start the reverse course at(AKA, german to english)?

October 5, 2017



probably just once you finish the tree, or are close to finishing the tree. I wouldn't recommend doing it until you have a pretty decent grasp on the language


Don't base it on level. Base it on your overall proficiency in German. The reverse tree is much harder because you are translating into the target language. I'm on level 19 and have done a few of the reverse tree exercises, but have stopped for the time being because there are grammatical things I haven't learned yet to complete them effectively.


It doesn't really matter when you start because there's no requirement to go on. So if you find it begins to get too hard than just switch back to German from English. I don't think it affects your streak but then I've never done it but I assume so cause there's people with huge streaks and how many languages I can not count so it must be.


You can start at any point, maybe after the first 10 or so skills is better.


I would say whenever you feel ready. Levels are based on XP and not really how well you might grasp the language. I'm level 17 in German but have never actually finished the tree. :P

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