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Just some thoughts

Today in school, I was able to watch a fantastic band called Calan, a welsh band. They were great, but halfway through the show, one of the members stood up and told you hey were going to sing a song called Kân. It was all in welsh, and the member said that they loved their native language, and talked about how important it is to embrace your roots and your home. They said that singing and continuing to learn and teach welsh is an important way of keeping it alive. And you know what, language is the roots of the Earth, and the language you are native to will always be your language. That is your culture, your home, your past. And keeping it alive is the most important thing we can do. So I implore you to learn dying languages, or your native language (or the language that your ancestors spoke) so you can keep it alive. Don't forget where you came from. https://www.calan-band.com/

October 5, 2017



I am doing this by learning my native tongue Quechua. My grandparents, great grandma and dad speak Quechua fluently, but my mom cannot speak it and I was not taught any Quechua. Hopefully I can have a meaningful conversation with my great grandma before she passes, because she speaks only Quechua.


Well my ancestors on my moms side were Scottish and on my dad's Side Mexican


Hmm... I'm Irish, German, Swedish, and Polish.


My dad's side is German, my mom's side is split between Scottish and Irish. I have just about everything in common w/ my dad and his mom. BTW, love your profile pic!^^


Thank you! I am also German.


I'm working on Welsh, very slowly. I chose Welsh because it seems like it might be dying out, though I'm not sure that my feeble grasp of it will help the situation, lol. I'm actually mostly German, but I don't think German is in any danger. I may give it a try one of these days, but for now, three languages are enough to keep me busy. :)


As a native English speaker, I couldn't lose my native language if I tried. :P

Nothing against learning dying languages to improve culture knowledge as a hobby, but I just don't see how it will faciliate communication anywhere if people don't speak it. I believe I have had this argument on this forum previously, in fact.


Learning Quechua will facilitate communication between OmegaGmaster and OmegaGmaster's great grandma. :)


Yes, well that's a great reason for them to learn. But if I was to learn a language that no one around me speaks, and neither does anyone in the world... fine if I want to do as a hobby for myself in order to learn other things, but I just don't see how it would facilitate communication with anybody.


That's why language revitalization needs to go with the communities the languages come from. :)

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