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Should I send a video of Kabardian to WikiTongues?

If you didn't know, WikiTongues is a non-profit project designed to document all languages so that if they die out, they aren't completely gone from the world. I've been considering submittihg a video of the Kabardian dialect of Circassian to WikiTongues as a way to help promote the Circassian Language. I am kind of hesitant though, because 1) I am not a native speaker of Kabardian, and 2) I am not fluent (yet). However, I have a full understanding of Kabardian's phonology and can read written Kabardian out loud quite proficiently, so that's taken care of. What do you think I should do?

October 5, 2017



I think it’s fine to send the video if they have the tools to evaluate its suitability, like for example, if their procedures include consulting experts to review and judge the quality of the presented material.


The question here isn't really whether or not you are suitable to make the video (or perform any task, for that matter), but rather how you need to prepare to become suitable. I took a look at Wikitongues's Youtube channel and homepage, and here are my thoughts:

Being non native

  • I couldn't find any native speaker requirements.
  • Some of the people in those videos seemed like native speakers, and others didn't.
  • You can always contact Wikitongues directly, and ask if a non native can submit a video, and any other details you have in mind.

Being not fluent

  • You can tailor the video script to your fluency level.
  • If possible, you can try to find a reviewer by yourself, to have the quality of your work checked before you submit it, especially if the video needs more content than your fluency can provide.


I think that's a great idea!!! If you watch their videos, almost none of them are native speakers!

I think it would be a great addition!!


I think you should. There are other examples of non-native speakers of different languages already on the channel. I would just record an intro explaining what you said here- that you've been studying it and that you understand that you're not fluent. You might also consider doing a video where you speak Kabardian along with other languages you know well.


I think someone else has already suggested that you contact WikTongues and ask them directly.

If for some reason that's not possible, I think that the really important thing is that you be honest with them about the fact that you are not a native speaker and not fully fluent. Then they can make their own decision about whether to use it or not.

(Of course, you might not want to do the work if there's no chance they would ever use it, which is why contacting them first, if possible, would be a good plan.)


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