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Problems with speaking exercises in German!

First of all, good day to you all!
I've used [Duolingo] (http://www.duolingo.com) everyday in my PC at home, and sometimes in other devices outside and every time I go through these exercises of speaking, it seems that it doesn't accept the second word when it's repeated, just like this:
And I certainly thought, it was probably 'cuz I was kinda mispronouncing the words or a problem with my PC's microphone, but sooner I realized it was not about it, 'cuz it's constantly happening every time with every phrase with repeated words; here's another example:
And making things even worse, with this new version of the site, in which you can only attempt once when these kind of speaking exercises come up; it kinda disappointed me at the beginning, 'cuz I certainly thought I wasn't pronouncing it very well, I even asked a German friend of mine and she said I was pronouncing the words correctly.
And to be honest, I strongly love using [Duolingo] (http://www.duolingo.com) every day, it's like part of my daily life and just can't stop practicing with it, and in deed, I want it to improve as much as possible.
Hope you guys fix it.

October 6, 2017



I just had some issues with it. I typically use the app, as I'm never really around my computer, and it was doing it to me. I didn't even have a chance to speak! I clicked the microphone button and it failed me! Then as I went on, there haven't been any serious problems. I hope it gets fixed for you. That's really frustrating.


I had a similar problem with speaking exercises on my mobile phone, but it helped to click far longer on the button than I spoke. So I wait for approx. three seconds after talking.


You don't have to hold the button. Just tap it and speak. It should turn off itself once it finished recognizing your speech. Otherwise, you can tap it again to turn it off in case there's ambient noise that makes Duo think you're still talking. (This is with iOS, maybe the Android app is different?)


Same on Android. Tap it, wait until it's blue (sometimes straight away, often a few seconds delay), speak, tap to finish (because usually it doesn't stop on its own).


I'm able to do them on my phone but my laptop has this issue

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