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Other Languages from Esperanto?

As I'm learning Esperanto, it simplifies so many rules I've learned from Spanish, Polish, Greek, and Hebrew. The same rules are shared (though often modified) across all these languages. Yet, Esperanto seems to be the most simple, consistent collection of them all.

Are there any resources for learning other languages, using Esperanto as the base language? Treating Esperanto as the rule and other languages as the exception, as it were.

In my current method of learning from English I have to follow three steps: 1) comprehend English's failure to explicitly follow a grammatical rule, 2) learn what a consistent grammatical rule ought to be, 3) learn the new language's deviation/exceptions to that same rule.

Just a thought. I don't doubt someone else has asked these questions before I have.

October 6, 2017



Others have asked this question before for sure. I'm not sure what good answers there are. I've seen someone posting to ask for materials to learn English from Esperanto - but few if any good answers. I also know that Vjaĉeslav, who is active on this forum, has taught Russian-from-Esperanto over at italki.


These websites to learn German, Slovak and Russian are available in several languages, including Esperanto. Part of the lernu! team is behind these websites.


also polski.info is available for learn polish :)


Unfortunately, I don't know of any such courses, but I completely agree that they could be really helpful.


I remember reading a paper once about a translation system that would use Esperanto as a "middle-man". A languague would be translated to Esperanto and it would then be translated to any other desired language. I wonder if it worked.


I remember that too. It was some sort of (maybe Dutch) project back in the 1980s. I don't know how it tuirned out, but IIRC it would have used a stripped down version of Esperanto, not the full language. It had something to do with internatiomnal weather reports I think.


The UEA has many beginner's books for learning other languages all in an Esperanto base. Nothing comprehensive, but just introductory material. It all varies in length depending on which language you want to learn.


Jes! mi volas tokiponan kurson el esperanto

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