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How do I see my XP for all of my languages?

When I go to my profile, I can see only six languages:

  • Italian (from English)
  • Spanish (from English)
  • Portuguese (from English)
  • German (from English)
  • English (from Spanish)
  • French (from Italian)

Quite random -- most (but not all) of my "from English" languages, along with two random languages from non-English.

So how can I see ALL of my languages and their associated XPs?

October 6, 2017



You can see only the highest levels in every language, doesn't matter whether from English or from Spanish. If you use the application you can see all XP you have earned in every language there. But it doesn't show how many XP are left to get the next level.


That's it. Thanks for the info. So there is no other way to see your XP in a given language combination if it doesn't happen to be the highest score for that target language?


Open an anonymous browser window then go to your profile page; you'll see all the languages from your current base language (i.e. the way the profiles used to be until a couple of months ago).


piguy3 -- nope, same six. Thanks for the tip, but it doesn't work for me.


On your profile I see 6. If you have started the others, you will have to get to level 1 or 2 before the new languages show up.

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