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Enhancement: The Coach's Progress Tracker

The secret to project success is incremental goals, or milestones. Could the DuoLingo coach implement a more detailed progress tracker and let the students make goals? Would it be worth it to you?

For example, I want to finish reviewing all 63 Spanish courses. I started July 15 and want to finish by Thanksgiving. I know that I've completed 57% of the courses within 61% of the schedule, so I'm 4% behind schedule (or 2.7 courses).

Finished 36 courses Courses 63 in total | Completed 57% of the courses

7/15/2017 Start | 10/5/2017 Today 82 days since start | 11/26/2017 Finish 134 days from start to finish | Completed 61% of the schedule

Remaining Courses 27 | Remaining Days 52 | Must complete 0.5 courses per day | Complete 2.7 more courses to be on track.

October 6, 2017



I up-voted your thread.

Are you talking about 63 Spanish courses or are you talking about 63 skills in your tree?


I'm talking about the skills in my tree, for example the first three are Basics 1, Phrases, Basics 2.


There was a user script called "DuoLingo course progress", which shows skills and lessons (x/y) and the final estimate (date) when you would reach the end of your tree.

It was compatible with the old Scala web portal and you could get it working when you would use the duo.old_web_url_whitelist=["^.+"]; workaround (I first saw Woof mentioning it on several threads): https://www.google.de/search?q=site%3Aduolingo.com+duo.old_web_url_whitelist%3D%5B%22%5E.%2B%22%5D%3Boq=site%3Aduolingo.com+duo.old_web_url_whitelist%3D%5B%22%5E.%2B%22%5D%3B

Recently I had bought two more bonus skills from the Lingot store, there has been this "forum discussion maintenance update", and unfortunately I can not see the two blue course progress and level up bars at the top of my tree anymore :-( :-(


Where does it show when iam going to finsh my tree (i have used the work around)


Firstly you have to install the "DuoLingo course progress" user script.
Secondly you have to use the above whitelist workaround.

"Daily goal" screenshot from my PT tree 4 weeks ago:

"Estimate on the Daily goal on the right side of your Home page"


Course progress bar and level up bar screenshot from 4 weeks ago (before I bought two more bonus skills and the last forum maintenance update):

These two blue progress bars where displaying without the bonus skills AND even after the new lesson screen update.

Those two bars in my tree are NOT displayed anymore for my other language courses (e.g German from English), where no bonus skills have been added.

Therefore something has changed for the tree "home" page and code, together with the recent forum maintenanc update.

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