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  5. "고구마를 쪄요."

"고구마를 쪄요."

Translation:She steams a sweet potato.

October 6, 2017



How could I possibly have inferred her gender from that!?


You don't, they should allow "I/you steam..." and "he/she steams"


haha - "I steam a sweet potato" is what I was given as a correction! with the "I" and "a" underlined as I had omitted them altogether, which seemed reasonable give the O-V we were given. So many times, issues like this.


While it is confusing there is only one pronoun so you use it.


And what is that illusive pronoun since Durolingo did not give us even a hint? So tiring.


I'm clear this translation must be wrong since it says she with no context but how would you know its talking about someone else cooking it it could be a statement such as "The potato steams"


"The potato steams" has the potato as the subject of the verb. The 를 particle means the word 고구마 is the object of the verb, leaving the subject to be implied. From the looks of the comments, there should be a wider range of acceptable answers suchs as "I/You/He/She steam(s) a sweet potato" but saying "A sweet potato steams" doesn't match the grammar.


What you said makes a lot of sense but since there is no context and we are the one's left to assume the subject. Rather than just saying randomly he, she, you. Wouldn't this then mean that "I steam the potato" is the only reasonable answer in our situation?


Not really. It's extremely common in every-day Korean to just exclude the subject from sentences because they're implied in the conversation. So the subject of this sentence could literally be anything since there is no context. I/You/He/She/It/You/You all/They/My dog/Mom/Dad/Kevin/My lawyer .... literally anything could technically be the subject of this sentence. However, given this is DuoLingo, I think at least all basic pronouns should be acceptable answers as the subject.


I understand what you mean but if we were to go strictly off of context in this specific situation. There's no her/him/they/exc.... so I think for the sake of really paying attention, and understanding context "I steam the potato" is the best answer.


there is no gender here


Durolingo's answer on the Test: "we steam the sweet potatoes." Note the Durolingo answer above "She steams a sweet potato." Some one at Durolingo needs to explain the changes in Durolingo's change in usage of pronouns. Also, need to explain the change in plurality of the word potato versus potatoes. Things like this waste my time, and probably others time. I have visited this problem before. I have copied Duroling's answer and will cut and paste it on my THIRD attempt. If it comes up wrong again ... then I quit as I have lost enough study time due to Durolingo's mistakes.


And (drumroll) Durolingos answer now is "She steams a sweet potato., One steams a sweet potato." So, as I try to always be a person of my word I will finish this exercise then find another course that is not so frustrating.


Its wrong. You can say whatever

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