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The difference between Possessive pronouns

[deactivated user]

    Would someone help me understand the difference between possessive pronouns like la sien and son, and la tien and ton? I have looked it up but still am a little confused.

    October 6, 2017



    Most answers in this thread are confusing and full of terrible mistakes. The question also contained 'la sien' and 'la tien', which do not exist. It should be: 'le sien/la sienne' and 'le tien/la tienne'.


    mon/ma/mes = My

    ex: ma costume tr: My costume

    le mien/la mienne/ les miens= mine

    la costume de LA MIENNE tr: the suit is MINE

    use "le mien" and "mon" if the word you describe is masculine

    use "la mienne" and "ma" if the word you describe is feminine

    use "les miens" and "mes" if the word you describe is plural

    le mien etc. is equal to the english word "mine"

    La tienne est grande = Yours is big

    le chapeau de le sien= the hat is hers/his


    it's not 'de le tien' it's 'est le tien' - le chapeau EST le tien. 'de' in that context makes no sense


    Ton - singular or informal you masculine

    La tien - yours (but the noun is feminine)

    Le sien - his/hers (but the noun is feminine)

    Son - his/hers (but the noun is masculine)

    French isn't like English wherein the possessive pronoun agrees with the person who possesses it; in French they agree with the gender of the noun that is possessed.


    Sorry for the mistake! ;)


    t's are usually you's, like t-la tienne and ton. Tienne is feminine, though, and ton is not. M's are usually me's, like la mienne or mien or moi. Mienne, again, is feminine. Words like mes are plural. Tes is too. Always with an s at the end it is plural.

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