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New type what you hear functionality not working - German course

Hi - I'm a paying member and just noticed that the new tell me what you hear functionality doesn't work and drained all my Heath :-(. Can you please credit my account to fill Heath and pull this new feature until it works properly?

October 6, 2017



If you experience issues you should post it in the troubleshooting forum. You can read how to move your post here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16609773/How-to-move-a-post

Also it would help if you give a better description of what the issue exactly is. E.g. do you not hear any audio? Does it not accept the correct answer? etc.. In some cases it can help to take a screenshot and post that.


The new "tell me what you hear" functionality?

Sorry, but what is new with this speaker (hearing) excercise? I know it for 329 days.

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