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  5. "These are my children."

"These are my children."

Translation:Das sind meine Kinder.

October 6, 2017



Why is Diese sind meine Kinder wrong?


I've got this correction: "Dies sind meine Kinder". I thought it was "diese Kinder"


These is indeed "diese", but "Dies sind meine Kinder" is rarely used or maybe never while "Das sind meine Kinder" is the normal way to say it. So if theres not a special case, where it really matters to differenciate between this and that (dies und das), then you should stick with the more natural way to say it.


Why is here das when it's for singular and kinder is plural?


Sakasiru, one of Duo's "geniuses" wrote a very helpful explanation about the use of the demonstrative pronouns, which clarifies the usage of das, dies, diese, dieser, diesen, and more obscure ones. I confess that I wrote Sakasiru asking him to expand on plurals because I still don't know why "dies/das" are accepted and "diese" was rejected here. Sakasiru, himself, in his explanation has given as an example "These children are loud - diese Kinder sind laut. (nominative pl)" So, my guess is that Das/ Dies/ and Diese are correct and should be reported to Duo.

http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1252496$from_email=comment&comment_id=1258256, etc.

As for "meine kinder," note that in this sentence "kinder" is in the nominative case and is plural, therefore "meine." (all plural possessive pronouns, except in the dative case, follow the feminine declension. (Remember that so do the articles der-die-das, plural = die in the nominative and accusative.) https://deutsch.lingolia.com/en/grammar/pronouns/possessive-pronouns


Warum geht nicht: diese sind meine Kinder ??


If it is grammatically correct it should not fail but rather get a proposal. Positive recognition instead of seeking the optimal or commonly true.


Diese sind meine Kinder, is wrong? Why??

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