"Červená, žlutá a oranžová jsou barvy podzimu."

Translation:Red, yellow, and orange are fall colors.

October 6, 2017

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    I wrote: ...are colours of the autumn. It was marked wrong. Is it better to say "autumn colours"?


    I do not hear "a" here "žlutá a oranžová" in audio.


    You're right: the words "žlutá a" pretty much blend together in the audio at normal speed. However, the words are clearly separated in the slow audio (when given for dictation).


    this is genetive there is no reason not to also accept colors of autumn, or colors of fall.


    The "colors of" construction is also accepted, and has been for a few years.


    I understand that. I only raised the question because it was presented to me as a set of tiles and I spent a long time looking for a tile for OF before I finally made sense of it. Thank you for your reply.


    I believe that "colours of..." to be more natural in this case.


    why is it podzimu instead of podzim?


    the genitive case


    there is no reason to not accept "colors of fall".


    Indeed, that's why it is accepted. If some sentence was not accepted, you always have to report the complete sentence.


    I am sure that I am not the first beginner who, on meeting this sentence in a section about the months was almost misled by the first word in this question. Is there a relationship?


    An indirect one, the most likely etymology is from červ - a worm. The month when worms are plentiful.

    However, the name of the colour might be derived from the same worms:

    "Old Czech črvený is from Proto-Slavic čьrvenъ, which is a passive participle of čьrviti (“dye using červec”), where červec is a kind of worm used as a red dye (compare červ (“worm”))." https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%C4%8Derven%C3%BD#Etymology


    Thank you. I find that very interesting. There is a word in Irish "cruimh" for worm. (pron. kruiv)


    It is indeed supposed to be related.


    in case you feel like stressing GT: link to old article in czech


    Thank you. I found it interesting but will require further study

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