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  5. "He has an easy cold."

"He has an easy cold."

Translation:El are o răceală ușoară.

October 6, 2017



a "slight" cold, a "bit of a cold" or a "light cold" are all possible, I think. An "easy cold" sounds very strange


However correct the Romanian sentence is, the English is WRONG.

DavidPering's suggestions are good, minor cold is an alternative.

If easy is to do with how easily the cold is passed from one person to another (easily caught) this needs to be stated differently as well.

However you look at it, the English is just wrong.


No native English speaker ever said "an easy cold." I think that "a mild cold" is the most common way of putting it in English.


In limba romana este permisa inversiunea - asadar este buna si varianta cu El are o usoara raceala - va rog sa validati si aceasta varianta!


Did they catch it easily?


Not sure what an easy cold is. Does this mean a summer cold when the virus for that time of year doesn't give the same symptoms as in the winter? Or does it mean his nose is at the runny stage rather than the blocked up stage? Or does it mean this coronavirus is one of the four minor ones that occur from year to year in humans and no none calls they coronavirus, just 'a cold' and there is never any panic like right now?


Since ușor can mean light or easy depending on context, i would assume this was meant to convey "light cold" but the wrong english translation has been used.

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